The only mood tracking app that automatically lets your friends know when you need support

Download the YOURCREW app

Feel safe knowing there are people
who care about you.

YourCrew connects you with people you already know and trust. If you’re
struggling, you can let your Crew know with a simple press of a button.

How does it work?

After downloading the app, invite your friends to join as your ‘Crew’. All crew members accept an oath to help without judgement and within confidentiality (unless someone’s safety is in danger). If you’re feeling consistently down, your Crew is alerted so they can reach out and see what’s up and how they can help you.

YourCrew App Features

Emergency button

Direct numbers to Kids Helpline and 000

Find a safe place map showing police and hospitals

Pings message and location to one or more Crew


For keeping track of moods visible by both user and Crew

Pathways to Help

An interactive chart to help
find help

Safety Plans

Ready for easy access and can be shared with relevant people


Using an emoji, image or written; as quick or long as you choose

Private journal

Which can be shared with
Crew if you choose

A-Z information hub

Filled with many teen and young adult topics


Can be recorded in Calendar – with an emoji attached

To have the right conversation at the right time
download the YourCrew app today.
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