Break the silence by getting noisy for youth mental health

Step one: Choose how to make noise!

How you choose to make noise is up to you, just be noisy! Here are some ideas:

+ Play music, sing, dance
+ Host a noisy movie night with your mates
+ Write an op-ed and share it on socials and with your favourite media sources
+ Get your school involved in the challenge
+ Get your sporting club involved in the challenge
+ Encourage your street to get involved in the challenge
+ Get your work mates involved in the challenge

Step two: Register to break the silence

Register for the challenge and let us know how you are making noise for youth mental health.

    Step three: Amplify your noise

    The best way to advocate for youth mental health, is to share how and why your are making with your mates.
    Download the Make Noise social media tiles to let people know you are taking part in the challenge and share
    your noisy activity on your socials.

    Step four: Download YourCrew

    To make change, we need to keep more young people safe. By downloading the YourCrew app and
    encouraging your mates to download it too, you are joining the movement and taking action to help
    keep you and your friends safe.

    Noise of the month

    Be featured as our noise of the month!

    Each month we are giving challenge participants the opportunity to be featured as our noise of the month and the chance to win some cool Make Noise Your Way merchandise!

    Want to be featured? It’s simple!
    All you need to do is follow us on socials and share how you are making noise by tagging #makenoiseyourway. If your noise making is chosen, we’ll be in touch to let you know! 


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