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It’s time to get loud and make noise for youth mental health!

The Make Noise Your Way challenge invites communities, especially young people, across Australia to make noise in their own way for youth mental health. By making as much noise as possible, we can help to reduce anxiety and self-harm and keep our young people safe.

Understanding their world: Empowering young people to open up about their mental health

Asking for help no matter how big or small the issue might be, is a hard thing to do. As children transition to adolescence to adulthood, recognising and identifying that support is needed can be even harder. Major changes are happening internally to the body and the brain and all this can feel like a minefield when trying to navigate complex emotions. So how can we better understand their world and lay the foundations so when they need to ask for help they know that support is at hand?

Tackling the fears and anxieties that stop people asking ‘Are you okay?’

Asking a friend or family member ‘Are you okay?’ can be difficult. We are often fearful of the response, fearful of our inexperience in understanding complex mental health issues and fearful of overstepping or upsetting our loved ones. But a conversation at the right time could save a life.

Why healthy friendships are important for mental health

Friends enrich our lives on every level and are involved in some of our biggest life milestones. Friends are supposed to be good for us, but it’s important to accept that not all friendships are equal. So how can we tell who our true friends are and who will be there for us when we need help?

The 5 surprising benefits of helping others teens need to know

Adolescence is a tricky time to navigate. One of the most challenging parts is enhancing the ability to focus less on ourselves and more on helping others around us. But what if we told you the act of supporting another can be vital for improving happiness, health and sense of wellbeing?

THIS is how to keep your teenager safe.

Adolescence is an exciting, integral part of life. It’s a time where we develop our sense of self and identity. But the throes of puberty can shake a whole family, not just the teen in question. So, how do you keep your teenage child safe, even when they don't want your help?

Using YourCrew to manage your mental health

With depression and anxiety on the rise in Australia, it’s important we prioritise our mental health and invest the time and energy into keeping ourselves well. YourCrew was designed to keep us safe by connecting us closely with our trusted support networks and providing the tools to strengthen and develop healthy friendships.

How to talk to your teenager about mental health during lockdown

Over the past two years in Australia, we've seen many statistics emerge about the pandemic's impact on mental health. Lifeline, Beyond Blue and Kid's Helpline all reported increases in their services being accessed.