Martin Making Waves

Dec 28, 2018 | In the Media

Making Waves

Martin Blake is passionate about mental health, especially when it comes to youth. So when he read about the YourCrew app, he could see the potential it had to help many young people navigate through adolescence and beyond.

To raise funds for the app and the Harrison Riedel Foundation, Martin is joining the incredible crew of the Cooney family’s “Comanche”, the fastest supermaxi in the world, to race the famous Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race this December.

As any sailor knows, The Sydney to Hobart is a tough challenge. It’s all about teamwork and supporting each other to race well and stay safe – whether the journey is smooth or rough. And that’s exactly what the YourCrew app does.

We help young people navigate through the ups and downs of life as they transition from a child to an adult – encouraging communication and help-seeking behaviours along the way.

Thank you Martin, and to all of you who are becoming part of YourCrew, in helping us make this app a reality.