YourCrew School Programs

Harrison Riedel Foundation has created a school program to complement the YourCrew app and help young people navigate their teenage years in a safe
way. It’s about having the right conversation at the right time and getting in
early before things become unmanageable.

The YourCrew school program is made up of two components. YourCrew
Classroom is a curriculum based program for teachers and YourCrew@YourSchool, where we come to you.

We are very excited to announce that our new school program called YourCrew Classroom will be available to download from our website soon.

​A little about YourCrew Classroom:

YourCrew Classroom was created by Kimberlin Education and Harrison Riedel Foundation in conjunction with feedback from various stakeholders.

YourCrew Classroom is an inquiry program (currently Stage 5/year 10 students) focused on encouraging help-seeking behaviours and providing opportunities for the practice, evaluation and implementation of help-seeking and self-support strategies.

The program consists of three modules designed to follow each other to provide a holistic experience centred around the key themes of relationships, wellbeing, and resilience. Many of the suggested activities in the three modules reference the free YourCrew app.

YourCrew Classroom is designed to be taught by PDHPE or Wellbeing teachers and can be taught remotely.

YourCrew Classroom is available upon request and will be downloadable from our website soon.

YourCrew Classroom

A curriculum based program for teachers

Your Relationships

Students will examine the psychology of social connection, evaluating and designing ways to build and enhance relationships with peers and others in their community. Students will explore differences in empathic and sympathetic responses towards others, aligning this with a deep understanding of respectful relationships. Finally, Students will analyse help-seeking processes and behaviours, implementing and evaluating these strategies in the context of their own lives.

Your Wellbeing

This module explores wellbeing theory and encourages students to examine and evaluate their personal wellbeing and understand the factors that may affect it in a range of situations. Students will understand the psychology behind extreme emotional responses, identify and understand their own emotions, and apply this to a challenge within their school community, highlighting wellbeing services or resources available to support young people when needed.

Your Resilience

This module builds on students’ understanding of emotional responses, examining triggers and the process of boundary-setting to support personal wellbeing. By better understanding resilience, mindfulness, and gratitude, students will begin to analyse factors affecting their and others’ wellbeing and evaluate positive coping strategies to improve health and wellness.


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Participating Schools

  • St Joseph’s College
  • University of Washington-
    Seattle Campus
  • University of
  • University of Oklahoma
  • University of Florida
  • North Carolina State
    University at Raleigh
  • Auburn University


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