YourCrew Terms & Conditions

Thanks for downloading the YourCrew App and signing up so that you can choose your Crew’ and crew for your mates.

Who likes rules? Not us. But using this app means we need to be rock-solid when it comes to trust. The YourCrew app is considered a 100% safe place and that’s why we ask all members to treat everyone else in the YourCrew community with respect, kindness and compassion.

The ‘intended purpose’ of the YourCrew app is to facilitate regular communication between people who know and trust each other, i.e. your Crew and people you crew for; to encourage sharing of various emotions, general emotional support and to facilitate help-seeking. The YourCrew app does not offer a crisis or counselling service. Please see A-Z Professional help and our other resources to find professional services.

By downloading, installing, displaying, viewing or using the app, we need you to be aware of and agree to the following things:

  1. The YourCrew App is facilitated by the Harrison Riedel Foundation (HRF) and all intellectual property in the app is owned by HRF and cannot be used, copied, transmitted or reproduced in any way that infringes HRF’s rights or is unlawful;
  2. You will use the app for its intended purpose and not in any inappropriate, offensive, indecent or defamatory way;
  3. You acknowledge that the app is to be used as a preventative tool and that HRF is not in any way responsible for any event that may constitute a medical emergency or requires professional medical attention;
  4. Activity and data on the app will be tracked and collected by HRF, and at all times, HRF and you will comply with its privacy policies;
  5. From time to time, HRF may restrict access to the app in order to perform necessary maintenance, upgrades or updates but HRF is not responsible for any interruption or problem caused by that maintenance;
  6. You are responsible for your own device and internet connection, and HRF is not responsible for any interruption or problem with the app in that regard;
  7. You are responsible for the security and confidentiality of your account on the app, and you must ensure that there is no unauthorised access of it;
  8. You are responsible for choosing your Crew, and the information you share with your Crew and HRF is not responsible for the actions of your Crew;
  9. When uploading to the app images, videos or other material subject to copyright laws, you are responsible for obtaining copyright permissions where applicable. For more about copyright in Australia see here; for USA copyright see here.
  10. HRF uses its best endeavours to ensure that its third-party links are helpful and appropriate, but you acknowledge that HRF is not responsible for the information from those links nor does it warrant the information’s accuracy;
  11. Your use of the app is at your own risk, and HRF is not liable for and you release HRF from any claim, interference, loss or damage arising out of or in connection with:
    • your use of the app;
    • your choice of Crew and the actions of your Crew;
    • your reliance on any third-party material on the app;
    • the unauthorised use of your account, the suspension, termination or interruption of the app for any reason.
  12. Your account may be terminated or suspended if HRF, in its sole discretion, thinks that there has been a breach of these terms and conditions;
  13. These terms and conditions may be varied from time to time. You can see the current version in the ‘About’ section on the YourCrew app or on our website.

Last updated:15 March, 2023